By Wyfy Gibogi:

The Gagamel boss ‘Bebe cool’ has finally dropped a big hint on the ‘faded boycott’ campaign that had been initiated against the ‘Tubonga nawe artistes’ earlier this year.

Bebe Cool 3

During our latest interview with the Reggae Rasta, he said that, “I don’t blame all the government opposition side supporters for initiating a boycott against us because am sure that all such kinds of decisions were made when they were angry and disappointed with the general election results. I am also very glad that they finally stumped to the truth and attended some of the Yellow artistes’ concerts like me because it’s a very hard task to boycott good music from such talented artists.” A

ll these statements arise after the ‘Kabulengane’ singer having a massive successful concert at Serena Hotel Kampala one week back. Keep on-line for more stories.