long list of faded artistes who completely died musically

This list is very long so just grab your self a pop corn and something to drink relax and enjoy reading


1.Rockie Giant
2. Qute Kaye
3. Clever J, he had concentrated in South Sudan but unfortunately Ugandans were recently evacuated, now can’t tell where he is.

4. Mad Tiger
5. Master Parrot
6. Kid Fox, besides changing the name to King Steven l don’t hear him musicially these days.

7. Butcher Man
8. Ziggy Dee
9. Red Banton
10.Dr. Tee
11.G.N.L Zamba, mpulira mbu he relocated and he is now more of a movie actor than musician.

12.Henry Tigan, he is toiling to rise again, he has a collabo with Hilderman.
13.Da Twins
14.Diamond Oscar
15.Tool Man
16.Jingo Show, eyekubbako oluyimba gwewatugamba yeyakumalamu amaanyi???
17.Gen. Mega Dee, he just concluded his medicine course but in music drought.
18.Sweet Kid, Kirungi ekyokupangisa obutebe kyokola naye we need your music boss.
19. Orlando . He is now concentrating on posting on face book rather than music carer
20. Chance Nalubega
21. Queen Florence
22. Sister charity
23. Samalie Matovu
24.Maddox Sematimba; has no new music but atleast he is now promoting his good old music.
25.Nabbi Omukazi
26. Hajati Madina Bibuuza
27.Willy Mukaapya
28. Lady Mariam Tina Tine.
29. Master Pallot
30.Mickie Wine
31.Banjo Man
32.Tool Man
33. Marcy crew
34.Gift Kado
35.Yiya Moze
36.Younger Mulo
37.Magla   I hear she is now dating fellow women but i think its due to over consumption of weed
39. G Snake
40.DizNat Galiwango
41.Peter Miles
42.Silver Kyagulanyi (went back to school
43.Menton Cluno
44.Ronnie Banton
45.Chagga  Now he is managing Radio and Weasle
46.Mosh Now he is a presenter at 100.2 Galaxt Fm
48.Slivia Namugenyi
49.Black Boy He used to sing in Fire base we back in 2001 to 2003
50. Jaja Nana he faded after the death of Weather man
51. Ras Dee

52.Ragga Compius
53.Steve Jean now he is a steet music promoter. Mpurira kati atambuza CD zabayimbi

Of course the list is endless you can stress your mind to try to remember and add more because me Iam forgeting others

By Wasswa Denis

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