One year back we hard a charity organisation called ambition mission which came to help the youth to achieve their dreams and encouraging them to be ambitious.

Not only that but also fighting tobacco in the country but funny enough this charity organisation didn’t last longer. Many Ugandan celebrities were signed by this organisation to seduce youths to join them among these celebrities were Eddy Kenzo, Juliana Kanyomozi, Irene Ntale, A pass among others but what amuses is that this organisation just disappeared without informing their partners after being pinned by Ugandan top journalists such as James Propa, Herbbie Kay and Lwasama through their Uganda one program on 90.8 metro fm.

Here is our question, If ambition mission came to help Ugandan youths to achieve their dreams, Why do they disappeared after being alleged of being an organisation that came to demolish Ugandan culture by spreading homosexuality and illumination in the country? And another question that needs answers, where did they go?

By Ntambi jimsal

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