Many Ugandan artistes have failed to understand the brilliance of music as a job and at the same time as one of the biggest selling business in the country.

Cindy 2

Apart from personal life weaknesses, there is no an organized female artiste currently in Uganda as Cindy Sanyu Muyonjo famously known as ‘Cindy.’ Cindy is the only female dancehall artiste who ages to compete with the outstanding male artistes basing on her stage performances and the creativity in her songs. She has an organized management that is always on time to its venues and when it comes to its performances she is excellent with her live band because she rehearses with it on a regular basis and practices with dancers too. This has forced the `Ayokya yokya` hit maker to become the most expensive female artiste in Uganda not only because she is musically good but also being well organized. She has proved this over and over for many years now because in reality, it’s very hard to find such an organized and music sacrificing female artiste as Cindy.

By Ntambi Jimsal