As it has been consistently re-carried from the ideology that the ‘fan base’ is always the minor party to always contribute positively in the entertainment industry globally, this has been proved wrong by the fans this year as they have been seen contributing positively towards the entertainment development in different counties.

Betina Tiana

After their rush firing of their outstanding presenter last week, the entire NTV Uganda management has got to taste a bit more of the fans’ bitterness towards its panicky decision of eliminating ‘Betinah Tiana.’ Apparently, fans have rudely attacked the management for not seconding their long time serving worker in such a hard situation that more understandable as its tight competitor (Bukedde TV) did to their employee ‘Sanyu Robinah Mweruka’ a few years back. They have continued by greatly criticizing this action towards Betinah and concluded by branding the entire management wicked and unappreciative to its real people. It is remembered that the famous Mweruka passed through the same situation as Betinah is doing after her nude photos and videos leaking. Keep on-line for more stories.

By Wyfy Gibogi and Denis

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