Taxi driver found stuck in someone’s WIFE after having S£X the whole night

Residents of Busia in Eastern Region of Uganda were treated to free drama when a Taxi driver and a woman said to be someone’s wife were found stuck to each other in the morning after a night of s3x.


The two spent the night in the Taxi, which is owned by the driver, exchanging fluids only to be found in the morning with their privates stuck together in the taxi that was parked by the road-side.

Residents gathered to witness the rare spectacle as the two tried to separate each other in vain.

The husband to the woman who was caught having s*x with the taxi driver arrived at the scene and demanded to be paid before he could separate them.

Thetaxi driver begged the man for forgiveness and offered to pay him Uganda shillings 100,000 for committing adultery with his wife.

The man then mumbled some incoherent phrases and the two disengaged with their g3n!t@ls appearing swollen.

Residents claimed the two were ‘locked’ to each other through witchcraft and only the woman’s husband could separate them.

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