Leila Kayondo now married to booze


The whites say ‘make hey as it still shines ‘ and it all looks likes struggling artiste, Leila Kayondo didn’t make hers.

Leilah Kayondo

For some one who earlier this year was dating city tycoon Sk. Mbuga with everything coming in as per her wish with a luxurious lifestyle to be sleeping in bars, there must be something wrong. As we speak to you now, Leilah Kayondo is frustrated reaching an extent of sleeping in bars while sipping the cheapest waraji with her friends. Our sources have learnt that the `manifesto` Singer is ever drunk 24/7 and yesterday she was spotted at Auto spar with bottle of booze, this compelled revelers to assert that she finally settled in marriage with booze. Way to go Leila!

By Ntambi Jimsal

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