President Y.K Museveni’s Animal Farm Intruded and Robbed

According to the liable info reaching our news room from Gomba district, H.E YK Museveni’s Kisozi animal farm was intruded and robbed last night.

Museveni in his fafm

It is reported that four cows were stolen at midnight by two workers from this farm identified as ‘Tumwesigye James (32 year old)’ and ‘Ssekandi Haruna (19 year old) who are already in the Police custody. These two unfortunate thieves were immediately arrested early this morning by the Gomba Police after stiff investigations in Maddu areas landing on other two men ‘Ndaula Yunus’ and ‘Kalanzi Shakur’ who had been hired to transport these cows to Katamba Market where their sale was to take place. Apparently, the four are seriously kicking behind cold bars as further investigations continue. Keep On-line for more stories.

By Wyfy Gibogi and Denis

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