(Revealed) Why Sheebah Karungi will never become fat

All along many music fans have been asking themselves why the queen of the area one ‘Sheebah Karungi’ doesn’t get fat ever since she got into the lam lights but finally we have proved some secret behind it and this is what you should all know.


Sheebah is very much addicted to alcohol and at the same time Shisha as she takes these to be her breakfast, lunch, dinner instead of food. This could be the main reason as to why the ‘Nkwatako’ hit maker lost her earlier weight because there is no big health value in those two things. One can truly buy my argument that Sheebah who sung the ‘Automatic’ song around 2011 is totally different from one of ‘Nkwatako’ healthy wise. Keep on-line for more stories.

By Ntambi Jimsal.

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