So should Uganda legalise pr0stitutin?

The amount of money spent on prostitution worldwide is a mind blowing $186 billion. This is according to which analyses the black economy.

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China has the highest number of prostitutes which is five million, followed by India with three million. Uganda has an estimated 50,000 full-time sex workers.

How about part time prostitutes in Uganda? That number can only be guesstimated. Remember a prostitute is a person, typically a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment. This means any form of payment (not just money) in return for sex is considered prostitution. 

Meaning sugar mummies, daddies and all those ‘helpful sponsors’ are actually indulging in prostitution, no matter how much they try and sugar coat it. Another forms of prostitution that we have chosen to accept and turn a blind eye to.

Legalising prostitution

Prostitution is legal in 50 to 80 countries around the world but with varying restrictions. Some of these countries include: New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Netherlands and Senegal where it is also regulated.

Politicians and experts continue to argue the pros and cons of legalising the sale and purchasing of sex.

Those in favour of legalising prostitution believe it will reduce crime, improve public health, help people out of poverty, get prostitution off the streets, increase tax revenue and allow consenting adults to make their own choices.

Opponents believe the legalisation of prostitution will increase the already high levels of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases as well as human trafficking and violent crime, such as rape. Morally they argue it is inherently immoral, commercially exploitative and promotes the repression of women by men.

The oldest trade in the world will never be eradicated, it will continue to thrive as long as men are willing to pay. A simple supply-and-demand equation.  

There have talk about legalising prostitution in Kenya for some time now, making it regulated and taxable. But with such high levels of corruption and the lack of ability to regulate even the basic sectors, any talk of regulating prostitution is both scary and laughable.

We live in a world of ignorant judgemental hypocrites. A world where we believe everything we read, not stopping to think about the bigger picture. Don’t be so judgemental.

The fact is not many women choose to be prostitutes. They don’t dream as little girls to grow up and be used as a sex toy or wake up one day thinking it sounds like a lot of fun. They do it for survival, through poverty and because they have nowhere else to turn.

No woman dreams of walking the streets at night or sitting in dirty massage parlours, risking their life, not knowing if their next customer will beat them, rape them or even kill them.

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