How Gravity Omutujju humiliatingly ignored fellow Rapper Victor Kamenyo


Rapper Wabuyu Gibson commonly known as ‘Gravity Omutujju’ has decided to keep a deaf ear to comrade Victor Kamenyo’s ‘childish claims’ that he is bewitching him.

Victor Kamenyo and Gravity Omutuju

Today we tried to look for the ‘Money’ hit Maker to have a say about his differences with fellow rapper but he kept a total silence though he was later forced to reveal to us how he decided to ignore Kamenyo long time ago to keep on with his developing business. It is remembered that during Kamenyo’s most recent interview on NTV the Beat program with Douglas Lwanga, he openly revealed to thousands of people who were watching the show that fellow Rapper Gravity is working hard to put him down by using all sorts of methods like witchcraft. The war is still on between the two rappers, so keep on-line for more details in this story.

By Ntambi Jimsal

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