We have had long discussions that couldn’t get exhausted in the publicity  for now over 20 years about drugs in Uganda.


Discussions on such a topic have been held in different areas of the country and more so held on social medias but still it looks like the effect of drugs is becoming more useful time after time because of the rate of users suddenly increasing in Uganda and to make matters worse they all rotate around one name ‘celebrities’ as the core roots.

Truly as the public thinks, “celebrities are supposed to act as life examples especially to the youth as role models. When we try to highlight some of the negative effects of drugs, truly a normal person would never desire to become victim of such addiction. When you try to ask some of the individuals who are addicted to these they will always give you two major reasons for using drugs “it makes me feel sober, gives me confidence and It makes forget my problems

When these drugs are continuously used, they can easily overwhelm one’s memory leading to madness, brain cancer and they cause intestinal damage, lung cancer, among others.

Today we bring you some of your top most addictive celebrities that have spent some good time using them and have been putting on plastic faces on stage and every where they have been doing their work. These include:


Bobi wine, Roden Y Kabako,Moses Radio, Keko, Sizza Man, Pretty Glow, Bucha Man, Coco finger, Young Mulo,Lilian Mbabazi, Queen Bella, Anita the DivaJ ose Chameleon among others. These mentions are not just because these guys look or talk- like, it is reality during their hangouts and not forgetting the outcome acts that these guys do.

The question is “what is really supposed to be done to abolish these drugs in the country, because we are having failing celebrities every year?”

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