Kampala Clubs where you can Easily Pick girls for bonking

Men can never be satisfied with one woman unless when there are so many nubile girls available.Many are in for no-strings-attached kind of relationship but the dry spells won’t allow them.The easiest place to pick up girls is the clubs.So which are these clubs to easily pick up girls

Timeless Bar
Located in kabalagala in the outskirts of Kampala, Timeless bar is a good place to get a potential lay . The crowd is mostly students, Kenyans to be specific. Entrance fee is usually between 5-10k.Timeless is the only place you will find real girls in Kabalagala, otherwise the others are just hawkers.
Ten Degrees
From Kabalagala to Jinja road, Ten Degrees is the best place to pick Ugandan girls. I personally love this club. It has the best music in town and you will always find fine lasses anticipating some D.The bouncer at the door has never changed  even after I have been out of Uganda for a whole year.I was there over the December holidays and you can be assured I did score severally.
Legends Bar
It is a friend who introduced me to legends bar.It is located at Lugogo mall and one can never know if there is a joint there.There is a big projector on the rugby pitch and guys drink on the open. Just buy a bottle of Smirnoff and Ugandan girls will be all over you.
This is another joint synonymous with campus guys.I have been here a couple of times and there are very hot women.The Gagamel boss is always at this spot taking whiskey almost every Saturday. You don’t have to look for a chic on the dance floor. Just take a walk to the loo and you will be amazed at the number of girls without plot.
This is another Jinja road based night club where you’re guaranteed to meet sassy Ugandan girls.The club is usually packed and there will always be girls on the dance floor shaking their Kabinas. The VIP section could also work to your advantage.Just tell a girl you’ll take her to the VIP, buy her a few drinks and she is yours for the night.That is how to pick up Ugandan girls in clubs.Which ones have I left out?

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