Qualities of a good Wife Material. No. 9 is a killer!

Good women nowadays who can be wife materials are hard to get. It is harder to find a woman who can cook and cook well. We have seen photos all over social media where the women mix fish, maize, waru, etc thinking that is a balanced diet.

Some of these women drink better than their dads. They will party all night and any young man looking for a potential mate, ole wako.
hey now have what they call “Sponsors.” The poty bellied but monied men whol will F*k them for money and expensive gifts.
Experts have agreed that the following qualities are sufficient to wife that gal you are dating  and make her your main chick.
Does she have these qualities, oh boi, what are you waiting for?

1. If Your Girlfriend comes to your House and Joins you in Drinking boiled Water, Please Marry Her.

2. If you take her Out To a Restaurant and She Orders Cheap Food and Pure Water instead of Expensive meals, She is Understanding Marry her.

3. If She sees Someone with Bugatti but decides to follow You with no Car,
My Brother Take Her Home As Soon As Possible.

4. If She Comes to your House Cooks For You and Washes Your Clothes Inculiding Your Boxer, Man What Are You Waiting For??

5. You gave her 50K for Shopping but She went for a Simple Dress and Brought Back 40k to you, Man Marry Her Because she read Economics.

6. If She Calls you Everyday and asks if you Need Help, Brother Claim her Hand in Marrage !!

7. If She used to give You her Pocket Money Every Week, She loves you. Please Marry Her.

8. If both of you enter A Bus and She Pays, Man That is a good sign Go For Her!!

9. Whenever She is Eating with you and She’s Eating only the Bone while you eat Meat, She Respects You Just Marry Her.

10. When you Ask her What She Wants and She says Nothing, Brother she Deserves Everything. Give Her All You Have. Byebyo

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