Why Busoga kingdom dumped Mozey Radio and appointed Maro to spearhead their Etafali campaign


Few months back Busoga kingodm had appointed male vocalist Moses Sekibogo commonly known as ‘Mozey Radio’ to spearhead all their campaigns.

Moze radio

Disappointingly before a reasonable time in such a royal position, singer Mosey Radio was dumped by the Busoga cabinet after accusing him of adopting to the Buganda culture easily than his own Busoga culture and he is also not a proud Musoga but. Apparently, most Basoga people claim that Radio keenly pretends to be a muganda, he pretends as if he doesn’t know Lusoga language yet he is a typically born Sogie of Nankoma Mayuge village. They further claim that it is better to appoint someone else like the RNB Kyabazinga ‘Maro’ who is so proud of his origin but not a pretender and traitor like Radio. Keep on-line for more stories.

By Ntambi Jimsal

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