)Dr. Jose Chameleone’s touching music background


This will absolutely surprise and leave you blooded despite the music camp that you fan belong to.


During one of his most recent interviews with us, Dr. Jose Chameleone was forced to reveal some secrets regarding his background inUganda music industry that he has often kept silence about in all interviews that he has been having.

Chameleone said that many artistes in this current generation have totally excused themselves from hustling for their music which has made them inconsistent in this industry. “I used to travel a distance of 4 KM by foot on a daily basis in Nairobi as I was trying to make it to my appointment in the Ogopa Deejays’ studio for a free recording of my first track ‘Mama Mia.’ The studio bosses kept on postponing my appointment with them for around six months but I confidently persisted on my dream. I and Bebecool spent sleepless nights in bars and on Kenyan streets trying to find the best way to survive for our talents that you can be proud of today. Big thanks to my brother Bebecool for having trusted me and introduced me to many great people in Africa who have positively complemented t my music success,” revealed Dr. Jose Chameleone.

The ‘Agatako’ hit maker has further advised young generational artistes to persist on their dreams as they work so hard because of this current competitive music industry. Keep on-line for more stories.

By Wyfy Gibogi and Denis

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