Pr. Aloysius Bujingo Challenges FUFA by fulfilling his promise of UGX. 34M to the Uganda Cranes

This could be the worst challenge the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) has got to learn from and other City tycoons who made empty promises to the Uganda National football team (Uganda Cranes) before their 2017 AFCON qualification match against Comoros on 4th September 2016.


During his church service in his church in Makerere Kikoni, Pr. Aloysius Bujingo invited the entire Uganda Cranes team and all board members to his church and fulfilled his earlier promise of UGX. 34 Million if they had qualified for the 2017 AFCON to Gabon. In the division of this money, Pr. Bujingo first gave each of the first 25 members of the Cranes Team a small red bag with Sh. 1Million in it as he had promised them and an addition of Shs. 2 Million to Mr. Faruku Miya’s Shs. 1 M as a special appreciation for scoring the golden goal.

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Pr. Aloysius Bujingo

The balance of this money was given to other unfortunate players who did not make it to the final 18 players but were in the camp for all those months of preparation. In his speech, Pr. Bujingo requested and prayed for all those people who have gave empty promises to the Cranes and instead turned their hearts black after them qualifying that may the almighty have grace onto their hearts and enable them fulfill what they had promised. Keep on-line for more stories.

By Wyfy Gibogi and Denis

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