List of Ugandan comedians who shamelessly beg for money from fans while insulting them

  Today, Imbaraga Radio has come up with a list of all Ugandan stage comedians who forcefully ask money from their fans while insulting them.

These people are leading to down fall and showing of a bad image of the comedy industry because fans boycott their shows intentionally because of avoiding being ashamed in public. Here is the list:-

1. MC Mariachi: Trust me or not this is the male Ugandan comedian topping comedy chats right now but people should revise where he was raised from. This funny slender man once he gets on stage, he starts begging money from comedy fans while insulting them with absence words that cant publically be heard.


2. Mad Rat & Chicko: We have fewer words to use here on one of the best duo in comedy as these stupid comedians who come on stage with old jokes, fake dressing codes but when it comes to leaving stage after their work, ohh my God !!! These two old men make the game look so nasty and force you to hate jokes as they insult fans and bosses because of money.


3. Amooti Omubalanguzi : He is a comedy veteran in Ugandan, more respected by all people in art, but this nigga has been so shaming to his brand to an extent of exposing his front private parts because of money from the fans. Fortunately, the Ugandan king of comedy has tried to improve nowadays. Lastly,


4.M.C. Snake: We wonder who employed this village outdated nigga in one of the biggest media company in Uganda. This dude keenly begs a lot of money from the fans while on stage more than that he is paid by his bosses. To put that side, he also uses obscene words on stage while insulting fans.


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