Why you should not go for artificial butts or boobs enlargement

According to the current total number of women in Uganda, it’s estimated that about 30% use artificially processed and created medicine to change the physical appearance of their body parts like heaps, breasts, bums, among others got from different individuals who brand themselves as beauty doctors.


This is new craze about ladies enlarging their hips and butts. Everywhere you turn, you see one or two babes with protruded backside and atimes you wonder if I’m actually seeing well.

I one time walked into a pharmacy not too long ago to treat my wound and a young babe came in demanding for hips enlarger,I immediately looked at her facial expression when d pharmacist told her that it was out of stock.

These pharmacy use false and faked advertisements on female celebrities like Desire Luzinda, Catherine Kusasira, Stecia Mayanja, Anitah Fabiola, among others with an aim of maximizing their profitable income which ends up misleading innocent and beauty desperate Ugandans hence catching deadly diseases like Cancer. So women stand warned for a better life.

By Ashiraf

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