Comedian MC Kapale escaped away with promoter’s money at Lido Beach


One of the outstanding comedians in Uganda ‘Mc Kapale’ disappointed his promoters, friends and fans over the weekend after disappearing before performing at the Beach Comedy event last Sunday at Lido beach Entebbe yet he was fully paid.


Before going to United States of America three weeks back, Kapale was contacted by ‘Humble management’ an artiste and events company on whether he will be able to perform at their Beach comedy event and he agreed on a full payment of UGX. 700000. Later on, Kapale asked for a deposit of UGX. 400,000 before the event from the events promoters which they were ready to pay him unfortunately the comedian got an abrupt program and he flew to the USA which delayed his payment though they later paid him. On Sunday at Liddo Beach, Kapale came at the venue and demanded for the balance before he stepped on the stage which forced ‘DJ Nimrod’ of Galaxy FM who was in charge of the payments that night to pay his balance. Immediately after receiving his full payment, Kapale disappeared away from the venue which disappointed the promoters and the comedy-hungry fans at the beach. However, the event promoters have already reported the case to the Police and Kapale has been ordered to present himself before a stiff search for him is authorized. Keep on-line for more stories.

By Ntambi Jimsal.

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