Lawyer Mabirizi Male and Buganda’s Land board fee case back in court session today

One of the most outstanding and sensational lawyer  ‘Mr. Male Mabirizi’ is back in court to battle against the Royal representatives and lawyers from Buganda Kingdom today at Singo High Court.


Apparently, lawyer Mabirizi is to present his contradicting issues on the Buganda land settlement fee before the honorable judge ‘Henrietta Wolayo.’ It is remembered some time back, lawyer Mabirizi acted as an activist on fighting the Buganda’s Land policy and the entire Buganda land board of charging a settlement fee from any native who may be settling on the Kabaka land where by Shs. 100,000 on every one in the rural areas and Shs. 600,000 for that one in the urban areas of Buganda land. On addition to that, this fee is doubled as a fine whenever one fails to pay and kicked off land if he or she further fails with the double. Keep on-line for more details in today’s court ruling regarding this case at Singo High Courts


. By Ntambi Jimsal

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