Why do beautiful girls choose ugly boys as their boyfriends

Because women don’t care as much about looks as men do.

Attraction, for men, is very physical, and very visual. That’s why men pay money to look at pictures of naked women on the internet.


For women, attraction is MUCH more complex. Women don’t get aroused by photos of naked guys online. In fact, if you look at women’s taste in pornography, they tend to consume it in the form of erotic fiction. Think 50 Shades of Grey, or Twilight.

Why is this? Because women are attracted to the CHARACTER, not the physical appearance. Sure, they like a square jaw or broad shoulders, but this isn’t enough to get a woman aroused unless she also knows the personality behind the guy. Is he smart? Does he have an inner strength? Does he WANT her? These are all things that actually turn women on, as much as any physical trait that a man might have.

One thing I teach guys is that for women, attraction is the feeling of being desired, by a powerful man, who she can trust. If you can hit those three things (power, desire, trust), you can make a woman attracted to you, even if you’re not that good looking. And if you fail at providing one of those things, you’re going to have a hard time creating attraction – even if you’re the hottest guy around.


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