Katongole Omutongole and lover Titie still strong bonk mates

According to the liable info reaching our news room from inside sources, it has been revealed how prolific Radio and TV presenter ‘Katongole Omutongole’ and pretended ex-lover ‘Titie Tendo Tabel’ are still absolute bonkmates contradictory to the most recent claims of the couple parting bed.

katongole and Titi

Apparently, the two have been spotted having secret meeting at their home and in private places and both are still proud official owners of their music band which would have already collapsed some few months back when they pretended to be bloody ex-lovers.

It should be remembered that last week the two decided to play a cool and challenging fake stunts that drove the whole Ugandan media crazy into a mysterious clash when Titieput a mega stunt of a wedding with famous business man known as ‘Deo Serunjoji’ which also forced Katongole to do almost the same on in order to avoid the shame that would arise out of this by setting up false claims how he was secretly introduced by a pretty and juicy babe from Dubai.

However, keep on-line for more details that we are still investigating about these two best pretenders and stunt-kings in the country currently.

By Wyfy Gibogi and Denis

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