We have learnt from our most recent tight research that MTV Base is using Ugandan artistes as an advantage of promoting its products in the entire East Africa because of their unbeatable and persisted music performance put up in the recent 10-15 years.


This was proven last year after receiving two strong nominations of singer Bebecool (Video of the year category) and Dr. Jose Chameleone (African Music Legendary category) whose votes were fair at the beginning of the voting and deliberately cheated in the last hours towards the official ceremony. Unlike the BET Awards, these awards have for so long proven to be Western and South African oriented basing on their number of nominations per African region.

One of the main easily understandable reason will be that in such regions (South and Western Africa), the MTV company products are on a higher demand compared to East Africa particularly Uganda. Another one would be that the MTV company is mainly based in Nigeria where all its official work on the entire African continent is done, so there is no way its awards would favor any other region more than West Africa. Therefore, it becomes so useless when Ugandans are seen celebrating their artiste’s nomination in these awards which are just using artistes like Eddy Kenzo for their personal gains but not for the entire Africa Music success. However, lets respect these awards for the sake of our brother and do this by voting him massively. Keep on-line for more stories.

By Ntambi Jimsal.

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