In Uganda Suger daady is an old man who gets into a s3’xual relationship with a young lady and in return gives the young lady a lavish life filled with expensive gifts. However Sugar dadies do not just date any woman, they have a type. In order to enjoy these benefits, as a woman you must have these qualities.

1. Yellow yellow: Sugar dadies want to walk around with a woman who glows in the dark. Dark skinned mamas may once in a while. these loaded fellas but they highly prefer the lighter complexion.  To them light skin is beauty. Don’t ask why skin lightening has become so popular.
2. They love small women because according to them they are flexible and easier to carry. Furthermore his wife has probably grown too big, why would he want a woman with a similar body type.
Others prefer curvy, (not chubby) women so that he can brag about her big a’$$ that leaves ‘other men’ sa’livating when he is with her.
3. Young ripe women:You won’t see the old gent at his local ‘choma’ joint with a woman who seemingly looks above 30 years. They like fresh young bl00d, probably a woman in her early 20’s who has not had t’oo many m3n in her life. He wants a fre’sh h0’neyjar.

4. East lands ‘mamis’: These live a life he can manage to sponsor. If he gives her UGX500,000, she can pay her house rent, buy house hold items and clothes and still be left with some money to buy her girlfriends drinks.  She won’t bug him for more money unlike uptown girls who are high maintenance.

5. Ser’vice on demand: Sponsors hate independent women because they wouldn’t take their orders. On the other hand the young woman who lives hand to mouth on money from him will be available any time he demands her attention.

6. Women who live alone: Remember the man is married, so there is no way on earth he would take you to his house. He needs a private space where you two can meet up for hot st3’amy sessions.

That is why he will get you that kabedsitter or one bedroom house worth Ksh 10,000, not for you but for his own benefits.

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