Chameleon you killed my son Robert Karamaji and you should face life imprisonment

The father to the late Robert Karamaji who was reported to have been set ablaze at Singer Dr. Jose chameleon’ s home four years ago has come up and vowed that justice has to be done in regard to the death of his late son Robert Karamaji.

In an exclusive interview with our reporter Mj. Kyamanywa Benedicto revealed that he is to take serious action about the incidence, the retired major said that he won’t take up or even get fire arms but rather wants government to intervene the matter. He further said that at this time he has exhaustively gathered enough evidence to convict Singer Jose chameleon over the death of his late son.

Mj. Kyamanywa told our reporter that he has several pleaders who have been following up the case and as well they have been digging out the real truth about the death of his late son and vowed that the singer must be arrested and subjected to life imprisonment. According to Evans Ocheng one of Mj. Kyamanywa’s pleaders he said that they are set to see that justice comes to the country and that no one shall commit crime and go unpunished regardless of status. Stay online we shall keep you update on the developments of the story.

By Woniala Isaac Ravinz


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