Four Amazing Love Tricks Men Cannot Resist From Ugandan Ladies

All women want to drive men crazy, be as beautiful and sexy so no man resist! How do you do that? Do you know any secret techniques? What we suggest… nothing new! These things you probably know, but do you use these tricks?


1. Eye contact

Men love when women look at them while having sex. Don’t be shy! Look at him with your seductive eyes!

2. Foreplay

Men enjoy foreplay a bit less than women do. They still love the main action. But if you take over control, he may change his mind about that. Free your inner bad girl! John, a 27-year-old law student in Georgia, says that he’s turned on by the fact that his girlfriend’s aggressiveness in bed is a little bit like a man’s. See? Sometimes it is good to be bad.

3. Eye contact (part 2)

Make an eye contact during oral sex. This will definitely drive him crazy. Men LOVE when women look at them during oral sex. Some even say eyes during oral sex are always the best eyes. But don’t hold your gaze for too long, this will probably confuse him.

4. Talk!

Talk! Talk dirty to him, and that will increase the pleasure. If you’re new to this, start with giving your partner feedback about what you like about things he does to you.

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