Studies have shown that women are more likely to fall in l0’ve with their secret aff@!r partner, which makes reconciliation complicated. Despite what most people believe, men are not the only ones who go out of their ways to ch3at on their spouses. Married women ch3at for a variety of reasons, most of which stem from unmet emotional needs. When a woman ch3ats, there’s a good chance she’s unhappy in her relationship and has given her situation a lot of thought.


Gender stereotypes breed all kinds of misconceptions, including the belief that good girls don’t cheat. No one is surprised when a man, particularly one who is good-looking and successful, str@ys in their relationship. But when it comes to a woman being unf@ithful, they express shock and dismay.

But what are the reasons married women cheat on their husbands? What is driving more women into the arms of other men? Today we bring you the 10 important reasons women cheat on their husbands.
1. Women Want To Feel Wanted
Women may not be as s3’x-driven as men, but they sure do crave int!m@cy. Just like a man feels stressed and bogged down with bills, jobs, kids and the everyday pressure to live up to expectation, most women get these feelings as well. When such happens, she feels less desired. They then see the man outside who desires them as the real man.

The attention of another man may become irresistible if she doesn’t feel that same p@ssion and connection at home. Low self-esteem may exacerbate the problem as being pursued by another man or engaging in a st3amy s3xu@l relationship can, at least temporarily, be a real ego-booster.

2. Women Want To Be Heard To Feel Heard
Women like to share their feelings and be heard but most times, their husbands are not willing to give them listening ears. Some men have a limited capacity for listening, especially after years of marriage and hearing the same stories over and over again.
When another man lends a compassionate ear and asks all the right questions, a woman may begin sharing her most int!m@te thoughts and feelings with him instead of her husband and this harmless aff@!r can quickly escalate into a physical one.
3. Women Want To Feel Appreciated
Most women play many roles in their family, bouncing from mother and wife to housekeeper, breadwinner, nurse and caregiver.

If a husband does not appreciate her contributions, chances are that another man will show that appreciation and she would naturally feel connected to such a man.

When a husband starts getting busier and stops noticing his wife and thanking her for all that she does, she would feel ignored and taken for granted, making it more likely that she’ll get s3du’ced by the attention of another man.
4. Women Want To Feel Connected
It is said that after years of a monogamous relationship, one or both partners may check out emotionally. Perhaps they haven’t spent enough quality time together and their interests have diverged.
They have begun living like roommates rather than husband and wife. When a wife reaches out to her husband to share her frustrations and loneliness, he is too complacent or emotionally bankrupt to work on the relationship.
All of a sudden, she starts noticing other men at work or other places and is excited to discover that they notice her, too. And they don’t have the emotional baggage that prevents them from establishing an int!m@te connection with her.
5. Women Want To Feel Excited
Women would surely remember the good times, especially when she and her husband were dating, how her face lit up every time she saw her man, when the s3’x was thrilling and when a twinge of nervousness surfaced every time he called.
Living and having s3’x with the same person for years can get boring and predictable if both parties let it. She may feel that sizzle of new l0ve with another man who makes grand r0mantic gestures to win her over. Disillusioned by her partner’s flaws or the drudgery of daily life, she may begin looking for someone new to spice up her life.
6. Mid-Life Crisis
A research on why women cheat once stated that women are most likely to cheat between the ages of 30 and 50. This is when the mid-life crisis sets in because at these ages women may long for the days when they felt v!v@cious, allur!ng and confident. Once the kids get older and they have more time and energy, women may try to revisit their youth.

7. Revenge
If a husband cheats and the wife finds out, some women could feel the sense of revenge and what better way than to give him back in his own coins.
A hurt and betrayed woman is more likely to stray into the arms of another man without thinking twice.
She often feels like if my husband can do it and get away with it, why can’t I?
8. Boredom
Maybe s3’x with her husband is dwindling and the fun is no more there; maybe she is not getting enough s3’x or the husband is not just getting her excited any longer and s3’x is just a monotonous part of their relationship.
In such instances, most women feel the need to explore what is out there and end up with a man who gives the kind of s3’x they hardly get at home.

The man outside would not mind helping her realize her s3’xual fantasies and trying out the s3’x positions she secretly hoped her husband would try out one day, and in that case, she is willing to give it a shot.

9. Domestic Violence
A marriage where there is domestic violence is a recipe for inf!d3lity. If a husband is fond of beating his wife, she would definitely seek out a man who will give her the shoulder to lean on.
The innocent friendship could get physical and if care is not taken, could lead to s3xu@l int!m@cy.

She could also do it to prove a point to her husband, that if he hates her so much as to beat her, another man is out there who desires to comfort her.

10. Need For Adventure
A woman may feel the need to be adventurous; the fl!rt!ng, the secret d@ting, the stolen s3x, the sneaking around and all that.

This will give them a thrill to no end and she feels, why not give it a shot?
Women are also better at hiding their aff@!rs. It isn’t that unusual for a woman to have an aff@!r for years without telling a soul or giving any indication of a problem.

The secrecy may stem from cultural and social norms which demand that women remain loyal to their husbands and avoid sl33ping around to protect their reputations.

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