Tamale Mirundi begs Felix Kaweesi assassins to spare him “I’m just empty talk”

Although he has been bragging to be the deadliest person in Uganda who doesn’t fear Mafias or any other person, Museveni’s adviser Joseph Tamale Mirundi has been so scared to the core by the gunmen who killed AIGP Felix Kaweesi.
By killing Kaweesi, the assailants have proved they are capable of killing anyone anytime  anywhere. This has put all Ugandans in a state of fear not sparing even rap-mouthed Tamale. While Appearing on Pearl FM yesterday Tamale confessed that his, is just “Empty talk” and nobody including the Uganda Mafias should take him serious and kill him.
“Banange nze nderembuka burerembusi na mumwa temunkuba kunsanyawo” he pleaded in Luganda loosely meaning he is just ‘Empty talk’Tamale has always boosted to be very dangerous saying that you can’t survive him because he is armed and also moves with a jerrycan of Acid.

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