Late Kaweesi’s Driver Godfrey Mambewa left 2 infant kids

He had graduated from Kyambogo university with a degree 3 years ago and he followed his father a retired Police officer who convinced him that the police was his future, he was assigned to drive the Assistant Inspector of Police Andrew Felix Kaweesi.  The 35-year-old Mambewa loved his Job and was always telling friends, he hopes to grow in the institution.


It was also during his time with Kaweesi that he had decided to upgrade his education and went to Kyambogo. At the time of his death, Godfrey had a wife and 2 infant kids both boys of 3 years and 1 year.He was killed together with his Boss yesterday morning, along with the Body Guard Corporal Erau.

Kampala Metro Police Spokesman Emilian Kayima says police has never said the situation in a Uganda is under control. He also says police should be credited for keeping the 99% safe rather than discrediting the force for just one murder.

Kaweesi, his Bodyguard and the driver were shot dead this morning

However, the deaths of the 3 police officers have shocked Ugandans, and for Godfrey Mambewa, his career was just beginning and he had a great future ahead of him.

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