Jose Chameleone should apologise to me before I drag him to courts of law~ Sipapa

City tycoon one Olim Charles aka Sipapa fires back to east African legendary artiste one Jose Chameleone. It is now a month since these two close friends started fighting over unveiled issues and their fight has led to the leak of secrets from both sides.


It should be noted that two weeks back Jose Chameleone went on his Facebook page and blasted his longtime friend Mr. Sipapa with photos and weird caption. Chameleone told the nation how this city Tycoon Sipapa is burglar but he poses as a boss in public. He went a head and revealed that Sipapa was once caught and fired in Kololo after being caught in someone’s house and later taken to mulago hospital where he was treated while keeping him on handcuffs.

This split the war between the two camps and now Sipapa has given singer Jose Chameleone four days to apologise to him . Yesterday at his place in Mutungo, The self proclaimed city Tycoon revealed to journalists that Jose has been fighting him indirectly and revealed to the nation how the `Wale Wale` hit maker depends on beef to survive. He also threatened to take him in court of law in case he fails to apologize in that given period.

Chameleone to hit back soon and we shall keep you posted By Ntambi Jimsal.

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