Straka Mwezi is in trouble again over Rent arrears

One of the oldest music TV presenters in the country Straka Mwezi is in trouble again over Rent arrears.She was last week tormented by her land lord  Moses Kagimu.


Kagimu took the whole rent drama thing to another level as he went ahead to go to Straka’s workplace and demand for his rent money. Rumour has it that she was dragged out of the UBC owned magic one TV where she currently works to go and have her rent matters sorted where our viba sources claimed that her salary was to  tapped in order to clear the dues.

The Celebrity these days hunts for her own daily bread on her table since she broke up with singer Sizza Man that was supposed to be her husband in the year 2011 but didn’t show up at her wedding that was scheduled in the Nambole Stadium.

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