I dont Like Uganda Copyright, It is just Nonsense -Eddy Kenzo

BET Award winner Eddy Kenzo has come out to say  that he is not at all in support of anything concerning Uganda Copyright because of the fact that it simply doesn’t suit Uganda. He accuses Uganda Performing Right Society (UPRS) of pretending to protect Ugandan musicians and their music yet it is exploiting them instead.


He gave an example where musicians and the government share 10% of the total revenue from Caller Tunes but Telecom companies take a whopping 90% revenue. Having said this he gave all the rights for radio,TV,computers,Djs in other words everyone to use his music the way they want and that incase any one arrests someone over his music , Kenzo should be called before any stupid action is taken.

He also said that when he wants people to stop using his music for free , he will pass on the information.He further added that Ugandan Musicians should team up and stop having the selfish mentality of rising to the top on their own in order to better Ugandan music quality for today and tomorrow’s generations. The Uganda Performing Rights Society was formed in 1985 by authors (mainly musicians) to advance the cause of copyright administration in Uganda.

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