Mayega’s brain outfit is not worthy Mengo’s royality-Tamale Mirundi

After finding out that the Mengo officials have now switched to a new idea of using different media platforms and the Uganda Communications Commission to ruin their rights to fighting for the people (especially Buganda land settlers) against humiliation of the newly established Land Lease Act, Presidential presidential media advisor one ‘Tamale Joseph Mirundi’ and ‘Sheikh Noor Muzaata Batte’ have also complied by changing their strategy.


Apparently, Tamale has opened up on advising the Mengo government to realise the deteriorating royalty of Buganda Kingdom sparked by their Katikiro Charles Peter Mayega which aimingly shooting towards loss of confidence and trust in Buganda Kingship because of the miserable life the land settlers are currently in.

He further revealed how Mayega’s moral characters are not fit for Buganda Kingdom despite of his financial struggle to Mengo.


We shall keep you posted By Wyfy

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