this is Why Rich Gang Missed Zari’s Mother’s Burial

Questions may flood our minds why the Rich Gang comrades didn’t even kill a second of their precious time for Zari’s Mother’s final respects as she was finally rested. Due to alot of fulmination and criticism of the Rich Gang from people.


Putting it in their faces that it wasn’t the right thing to  go on with because Zari had been through alot earlier first her Husband Don Ivan & then her mother.. Really that must have been enormously harsh on her..  In the name of defending themselves the Rich Gang officiallly made it clear that it wasn’t a mistake rather a warning to Zari.

“Zari didn’t and never cared for Ivan Ssemwanga the late as she used to enjoy Diamond and Ivan at the same TIME. ” the RichGang comrades Stated… Also following her slaying stunts on Ivan’s Grave which they criticised viciously.. & marked it as Masape and need for attention.



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