Singer Gravity Omutujju’s Tujjuze Luggogo Cricket Oval breaks record

The longtime self-proclaimed Luga-flow music icon Grison Wabuyu aka ‘Gravity Omutujju’ proved his name bigger and more respectful in the Ugandan music industry last Saturday night. The ‘Tujjuze Luggogo Cricket Oval’ concert marked another record breaking event to be held in this venue in terms of attendance, organization and performances.

The long awaited event officially kicked-off by 7PM with artistes like Nutty Neithan, Spice Diana, Tippy Swizzy, Carol Sophie, Renah Nalumansi, David Lutalo putting-up exclusively awesome performances and later on, the main artiste ‘Gravity Omutujju’ set his feet on stage at around 10PM. He also put up his known versatile and energetic performances for almost two hours as his facial moods displayed this as one of his most happiest and memorable ‘dream-come true’ moments.

It should be remembered earlier this year, Gravity was discouraged by various media houses

when he drew an idea of setting his concert this year in this venue as they criticized

his current morals and music which they claimed would de-campaign the turn-up,

unfortunately they have been proven wrong as he reveals.

Congratulations to  Gravity Omutujju upon this successful concert. We shall keep you posted.

By Wyfy Gibogi

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