A Man That Lived Next To Lupita For 3 Years Reveals Her Ugly Side

Lupita Nyongo’s visit to Kenya has been received with much ish ,ish especially after word got out that she is now charging 10k in order for anyone to dine with her.Many Kenyans took to social media to express their disappointment to the lady they adore and admire a lot.

They felt that the Hollywood based actress had let fame get into her head and she was now feeling like a small god. Otuma Ongalo, who is a former Senior Editor at the Standard Newspaper, has come out to reveal how the once humble Lupita has become too proud after gaining international fame.

Otuma claims that he once shared a tiny office with Lupita’s mum for three years and she was a humble lady. However, the internationally recognized actress now feels too big and she can no longer shake the hands with “raiyaa” (common mwananchi).


Here’s what the former Standard Newspaper Senior Editor had to say on Lupita’s current behaviour. “Is it true that Lupita Nyong’o is now asking people to cough out 10k just to dine with her? I can’t believe that this humble girl is now so overpriced. For almost three years I shared a tiny office with her mum and she was always there doing one or two errands for us though those were the days she was Miss Malaika. I have watched her grow as a high school leaver but she was also a good actor with local outfit. What I can’t believe is that she is now too big to even shake my hand.”

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