Vocalist singer Bruno K has hailed the legendary singer Kabuye Semboga over his musical legacy. The singer revealed to our reporter that Kabuye is one of the unsung musical legends in Uganda and he further revealed that he set to do a lot of projects with the legend.

Meanwhile as we report, the singer has already done a project with the singer called “ebisanyi” a remix originally done by Kabuye Semboga. “I looked at the lyrical maturity and sense in the music Kabuye has has so when I approached him for help he openly came up and I’m learning lot from him” Bruno K revealed.

Meanwhile Bruno K revealed that the current musicians in Uganda lack lyrical maturity that is why the music runs for a week and is off the charts unlike the legendary artists who could take time in the composition to come up with an art piece.

Currently our music is one week project with no ckear sense that is the reason it fades away so first, and I’m ready to join hands with the artits for he has given me a platform to change the face of Ugandan music” Bruno K added.

The singer has however vowed to fuse with the legendary Kabuye to release and produce more project . He stressed that artists in Uganda are killing the industry with pride rather than accepting to learn from The old legendary artists in the industry. Stay online for the latest updates.

By Isaac Ravinz.

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