Princess Samirah trashes pregnancy allegations from the media

Songstress Princess Samirah has come up publicly to clear up the air that she has never been pregnant as it was earlier reported on various media platforms in Uganda. The singer revealed to Imbaraga radio that she was just having her body transformation and increase in size which many mistook as pregnancy.

The singer however denies carrying out any abortion saying whatever was seen and said by the public was just her body weight increase. “I have never been pregnant and never aborted as many claim I’m just like this and that’s my body shape” Princess Samirah revealed.

The singer further disclosed that she has never had any engagement with any person about the so called “pregnancy ” and called on who ever claims is responsible for the pregnancy to present proof of the allegations.

The singer however said that the rumour and allegations were just to cause confusion in her relationship. “Whoever alleges and says this wants to confus and disrupt my relationship with my man“.Samirah disclosed. Stay online for the latest updates.

Isaac Ravinz

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