Read: How Catholic priest softened Robert Mugabe’s heart to peaceful power transition

Rev. Fidelis Mukonori who for so long has been softening former Zimbabwe President ‘Robert Mugabe’s heart to peacefully transit the Presidential seat or follow a comfortable exile. Mukonori who began this spiritual negotiation to Mugabe right from Wednesday 15th November after the military and country’s generals had put the 93-year-old authoritarian leader under house arrest, surprisingly ended his job in total success than anyone else on planet thought this would end.

Am sure no one else would understand Robert’s religious and political perspective than I,” said Mukonori. My longtime service to him in harmony with God paved a smooth path for his agreement in this matter despite his wife’s advise to him of forcefully persisting as the country’s president,” he added.

Mukonori, 70, has been Mugabe family’s longtime spiritual advisor after meeting Mugabe, a Catholic in an overwhelmingly Protestant country, in 1974 at a Jesuit social service agency outside the nation’s capital, Harare, where Mugabe’s sister worked.

The priest has served as the first family’s chaplain for all Mugabe’s years in office, which have been marked by political and economic turmoil.  Apparently, Former Vice-President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Honorable Mr Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, has been front lined as the favorite candidate to succeed Mugabe after scooping the ZANU PF party head seat. We shall keep you posted.

By Wyfy Gibogi

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