Was Mariachi Forced to Introduce His Musoga Wife to Be? They all looked so sad

Earlier this week MC Mariachi was introduced by his woman to her family all the way in Kamuli District, and the couple’s introduction photos have been all over social media but it was noticed that the two never at any point exchanged good smiles which actually made a section of Mariachi’s funs to think it was forced love between him and his woman.


We thought this was a comedy stunt from the comedian himself , because there is no way you can fail to smile on your introduction and big chances are there that he might have released only an intended version of photos where he was sad to make more comedy as usual.

However, MC Mariachi received numerous support, from friends, family, and workmates. Among the guests who attended his introduction ceremony, where celebrities from the entertainment industry,

such as Cinderella Sanyu, MC Godi Godi, Kasuku, Evelyn Lagu, Miles Rwamit, Patrico Mujuka, Juma Seiko, only to mention but a few. The function was lit, fun, glamorous and perfect.

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