Desire Luzinda gets more tighter and closer to business man Lwasa

After months of inking her love relationship with the Masaska-based tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa, Ugandan songstress Desire Luzinda’s romance with her bae had gone AWOL from the public eyes but it seems their business is still doing well and is eager to keep it up. The two love birds were spotted out by Imbaraga radio reporter at Serena Hotel during the weekend having a one for the road as they spent their leisure profitably cementing the fact that it’s not yet done for the singer-tycoon relationship.

The ‘kitone’ hit maker who happens to be a mother of one endorsed her intimate feelings for the Club Tavern Kick proprietor that went viral on the social media platform and it seems the two lover birds might be in advanced stages to pay a visit to the singer’s parents’ home to cement their love affair.

Forget about the Nigerian conman Franklin Emuobor who went on to leak her privacy after enjoying her yooyo that injured her public image and integrity, the singer seems to be committed to moving on with Tycoon Lwasa since she easily acquires whatever she wants as she paints the later with endless love and romance.

Whatever the uncertainties, it looks like Luzinda is excited about the whole idea of moving on with tycoon Lwasa as she believes he might be the ultimate man behind her destiny and real source of power that could finally reignite her happiness and success. Stay online we shall keep you posted on the development of the story. By Isaac Ravinz.

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