Dax Kartel headlined World Aids day Marathon in Mbarara

Ugandan sensational self proclaimed Lugalatino music star Daxx Kartel Omuryeeruba was one of the main acts at the function at Mbarara Nyamitara Grounds who later after his active participation in the marathon thrilled rvellers with his energetic music show.

The Lugalatino king was later joined up with various local artists from the region to pass the message to the public teaching them about health awareness and the deadly scourge (HIV/AIDS).

The celebration was meant to sensitize the entire public about a healthy living and artists being key figures in influencing masses. Darx Kartel was invited as the guest artiste to take part in the celebrations that are globally conducted. Stay online for the latest updates right here at Imbaraga radio.

By Ntambi Jimsal

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