Crime preventer Micheal Atwiine beats, rapes wife to near death in Nansana

Police in Nansana municipality Wakiso district is holding a crime preventer attached to Nansana police station on allegations of assaulting and raping his wife. The suspect Micheal Atwiine Michael 28 is being charged for domestic violence and family neglect.

The victim says the problem started after she asked her husband about charismas shopping. This sparked off Atwiine’s anger and subsequently earning her a number of lashes that left marks on her thighs and legs.

According to The following day she tried to share the issue with the Local Council Chairman that sat the two down and tried to harmonize their differences. Atwiine showed an improvement for one week. “One night he came from his night duty and talked to me in a rude tone, ordered me to remove my night dress, raped me and I conceived”.

She added that while she was 4 months pregnancy she was also severely bitten by the husband leaving ugly body marks on her and threatened to continue beating her saying she deserved a miscarriage. “I tried hard enough to make him happy by preparing his favorite meal but when he came back home he looked at the meal disgust fully and walked into the bedroom”.

Angry as she tried to confront him about why he had changed from the husband she once knew instead slapped her hard in the face and ripped off her skimpy dress and in a flash he held her forcefully and raped her.

Conditions worsened when the woman was denied permission of associating with her female friends but rather be confined only at home and confiscated her mobile phone to block her from reporting to police.

The wife also said the husband does not provide any support to family. The conditions climaxed when their 3 months baby cried at night and Atwiine woke up, beat up the kid for disrupting his sleep and blamed mother for not shutting the baby up.

This prompted the neighbors who called in the Police Child and Family Protection Unit team for intervention and a case file opened against him. The suspect claims that culturally he was taught that his sole responsibility in a home as a man is to provide food and to have sex.

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