YKee Benda flirts at the Unplugged season 2.l at Silk Liquid

¬†Being the first time for the “superman” hitmaker, Singer Ykee Benda had a very disappointing night and first live music experience at Silk Liquid last night.

In his professional music career, the Superman hit maker it seemed a nightmare for the entire musical show. Ykee Benda could not contain the pressure as revelers starting booing after his first three songs while on stage.  The singer who got challenged copying up with the band and singing live had to request for a chair to help him calm down.

The ‘Munakampala‘ hit maker had a troubled lengthy night when the fans started booing at the artist after his failure to proceed with the performance live while demanding for a better side of him.

The singer who has successfully had a breakthrough with his hit singles and playing recorded music on stages had last night as a nightmare in his entire musical career, however Benda shot to fame after his farmer remix with one queen Sheebah followed by several projects which was welcomed by fans and audience followed by Eva, Munakampala, Malaika and superman among others .

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By Isaac Ravinz

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