Photo: Faded singers G-Snake and Shamim Namawa now married to booze

Songstresses ‘G-Snake’ and ‘Shamim Namawa’ have decided to resort into an alcohol career after miserably struggling to pull-on their talents in the music game again.

The two friends have greatly struggled to find their way back in the music businesses for quite a long period of time ever since each of them last released a hit song.

However, it looks like the two are now more comfortable in the boozing business after being spotted on several occasions getting high with bottles of alcohol on almost daily basis.

When it comes to their current private life, Shamim Namawa is a side dish to former Kyadondo East Member of Parliamentary candidate Mr. Kantinti where G-Snake is still struggling to find one permanent lover for herself after quite some good years.

We shall keep you posted By Deo Munakyagwe

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