What to Do If Your Girlfriend Is Better Than You?

Are girls better than boys? When you were in school it was quite apparent. Girls are better than boys. However, in adulthood things go the other way. Boys become men, get more serious and very often achieve more in life.

We’re not going to touch upon the topic of gender equality and prove why girls are better than boys. This article is about those couples where a woman is somehow better than her partner, for example, in terms of social skills, appearance, intellect, etc. Some men can’t stand the realization that their girlfriend is superior to them in some aspect. It hurts their pride.


You think your girlfriend is too cool for you? Instead of envying and feeling inferior, be sincerely happy that you managed to get such a treasure. You can benefit from being her boyfriend. The following tips from yesdates.com will help you keep up with her.

Work on your exterior

If you’re not satisfied with your body, you can change it by joining a gym. It works for both situations, either when you need to lose some weight or when you want to build your muscle a bit. Having a beautiful and slim girlfriend obliges you to watch your appearance. Girls do it better, no doubt. If she regularly works out, it’s a great incentive for you to be more physically active too. She will be pleased to see that you are changing for the better.

Develop and improve

Your girlfriend is smart, pretty, and well-read. And what are your merits? Even if she loves you for your kindness and curls, you should become better to be compatible with her. Read more, gain new skills, find a new interesting hobby – perhaps in which both of you will be involved. She should see your personal growth, because every girl wants to be with a smart and many-sided man.

Have a secure job

If you’re a parasite, it’s unlikely you’ll feel self-reliant even with an average girlfriend. You must have your own trade that will give you the money for a living and allow you to provide for you and your girlfriend. An unemployed man will never feel confident, and if he lives at the expense of his woman, this relationship will not last long. This is a good reason to find a good job immediately, unless you are 14, of course.

Act like a gentleman

If you don’t have an outstanding appearance or you lack charisma, your manners should make up for this shortcoming. Be a real gentleman for her, the one who will protect her from all life storms, who will carry her over the puddles in his hands, who will make her feel like a real lady. You don’t have to be a super handsome man, but your respectful attitude to her will always be something she’ll appreciate very much.

Work on your weak points

Perhaps she loved you for your refined inner world and kind heart, but she didn’t take into account your infantilism and lack of initiative. If you found yourself next to a bright and vivacious girl, you should reconsider your attitude to life. Change it: become more positive and active, or more serious and mature. This way, you’ll be on the same page with her.

Don’t even try to belittle her

If your lack of confidence ever grows into hatred for her, it will mean only one thing – you don’t deserve her. If your woman enraptures you and encourages you to become a better version of yourself, you’ve chosen the right pass that will lead you to significant personal growth and strong relationship. But if you deliberately find faults with your girlfriend and belittle her virtues, you show disrespect for yourself. Love her, respect and improve yourself so that she could be proud of you and follow your example.

She loves you nonetheless

She chose you. Even if you think she is better, she found in you something she didn’t see in others. Do your best not to make her regret her choice.

Why are girls better than boys? To instigate them to become even better.

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