Betting on Football: The New Sport

This is officially the fifth year of the International football conference and trade conference. And now, the trending topic is the World Cup which is being celebrated in Russia this current year. A lot of celebrities and influencers spoke about this earth-shattering event last March 20th. A total of 190 of them attended.


The tournament is scarcely three months away and the Betting on Football 2018 glossed some topics regarding this world event. Three of the topics broken down in the conference were related to online betting, the role of the social media during the World Cup and special bonuses for partakers.

Jake Mash, who’s in charge of the Integrity at Inform and his colleague Eric Konings, member of the Kindred Group, strove to examine all the betting patterns as well as the different ways they can apply to prevent fraud.


On the other side, SBC Events held a special conference for stakeholders. This lecture focused on marketing techniques and data analytics.



Why is Sports Betting Popular anyway?


Live betting football is now easy. All you need to do is to create an account on one of the trusted betting platforms like Betway, and you could get started straight away. In fact, you could bet on all your favorite teams. With the Fifa World Cup approaching and barely two months away, you can make the most of it and win big. Additionally, it isn’t just about betting on specific games. You could even put your bets on other things like how many goals a player would score.


Speakers also concentrated on the strategies to keep the punters population on top of the game, especially when the big teams fail to qualify to the next round. Betting on Football 2018 also made it clear they will keep all soccer fans updated, whatever the jurisdiction. OPTIMA CEO Jacob Lopez reaffirmed the new window opportunity in Spain following the reopening of the application process since 2011. This process has been carried out three times already. Jacob Lopez held a battery of presentations about that.

The Other News

The second conference took place at the Stanford Bridge, home to Chelsea FC. It was divided into a conference and an expo. In fact, there were four dinners, all of which organized by the SBC. At first, there was little indulgence at the first stages of the conference, especially with the appearance of the former legend soccer player RundGullit.


He participated in one of the days of Betting on Football 2018, specifically last March 22nd. He took part of that day’s panel and was interviewed in the Forum as well. In this arrival, he got surprised at the way the eGames and its team contrived to do their best. He also explained how his transition to eSports, stressing on the importance of the well-known Team Guillit.


According to his words, the new eGames is full of talent and is really making progress since the last time he heard from the team. He also pointed out that being a soccer player, one of the best of his times, allowed him to go places and catapulted him to worlds he never imaged he was going to be.

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