Sheebah Karungi sweetest lady ever tasted in my bed – Trekka Man

Sipapa Entertainment male artiste ‘Trekka Man’ has come out in public to reveal his best and sweetest bed moments ever. Apparently, Trekka reveals his bed experience with Team No Sleep female music soldier ‘Sheebah Karungi’ that he will live to remember in his entire lifetime.  “Sheebah is one woman that I will forever remain sex […]

Evil Pastor RÀPÉD and impregnated his daughter

In a shocking incident, a horny pastor has paid the ultimate price for repeatedly r*ping and impregnating his own 16-year-old daughter after telling her the holy spirit directed him to do the incestuous act. A Kenyan court has sentenced a horny 60-year-old city pastor to life imprisonment after finding him guilty of r*ping and impregnating […]

Bebe Cool’s newly declared unbeatable music plot to overwhelm competitors

Bebe Cool has declared a newly stiff and challenging music approach that will see all his competitors humiliated musically for the next music period. Apparently, the ‘Ki Ekigannye’ hit maker has promised to release a new audio accompanied with a video at every first day of every month for an estimated period of fifteen months […]