Leila Kayondo heartache persists in exile as ex-lover SK Mbuga weds best friend Vivian Birungi

Songestress ‘Leila Kayondo’ is among the top women globally who are facing the toughest and worst moments of life  nearly sparking the fastest suicide as ex-lover ‘SK Mbuga’ weded her former best friend ‘Birungi Vivian Angella‘ in a memorable ceremony. After deciding to exile her self earlier last week to Boston-Massachusetts in Woburn town in […]

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Man denies impregnating a LADY after raw S£X without CDs…He denies £JACULATING in this Beautiful lady

Leaked whatsapp messages of a married sponsor denying of having impregnated a lady after they had unprotected s3x have surfaced online. The lady thought that the sponsor was well loaded and even saved him “World Bank” in her phone but when she fell pregnant, she realized that the sponsor was just another broke man. Here […]

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Maama Phina swears to use her spiritual powers with Police investigations

Following the assassinations incident of Uganda People’s Defence Forces Major ‘Muhammad Kiggundu‘ also husband to Uganda’s spiritual ‘ leader Silivia Namutebi aka ‘Maama Phina,’ it totally frozen country safety to high doubts of its Security. The Late Kiggundu was shot to death together with his special bodyguard traveling in a Military four wheel doble Carbine […]

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